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Teleport: History immerses you in the past while you explore a historical site in the present.

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When you visit an historical site, it’s difficult to conceive the totality of the event that took place there. You may well form a detailed impression from prior reading, photographs, personal accounts and films, but you cannot begin to experience the event as it really happened. You may be stood on a battlefield, but the smells, noise and devastation have been swallowed up by the landscape over time – you could be anywhere. Currently available technology can help us bridge this divide and bring these events and stories to life.

We went on the field trip last week. Thought it was going to be the usual muck about. But Sir pulled out this wicked game on us. He gave us these smart phones and we ran around like lunatics with em following in the footsteps of the soldiers, like we were them. I could hear bombs going off all around me

Teleport: History aims to exploit these technologies and take the learning experience out of the classroom and into the field. The game supports multi-sensory learning: listening; seeing; touch / experience. It can be played individually or as a group.

It has two modes of play:

  • In the field, where all the learner’s senses are stimulated and the game is physically acted out. The game is played using a smart phone which guides and prompts the player.
  • In the classroom/home where the player can replay their experience, explore the wider themes and follow further learning links. In this mode, it can be played on a smart phone or PC.


  • Primary audience: 11-14yr olds studying Key stage 3 History and Citizenship units
  • Secondary audience: GCSE History students and adults

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