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Remedy e-Democracy

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Remedy UK was a pressure group representing junior doctors in the United Kingdom. The organisation was set up by four junior doctors in 2007 to campaign against UK government-led medical training reforms known as Modernising Medical Careers(MMC) and their implementation through the Medical Training Application Service (MTAS).

More about Remedy UK on wikipedia.

Remedy UK had over 13,000 members and campaigns as a grassroots doctors’ organisation. It was supported by optional subscriptions from its members.

We were hired to help formulate their communications strategy and harness the power of their constituency.

  • How to engage people who don’t want to be activists
  • Explore different types of e-democracy
  • Explore entities with material and expressive benefits
  • Persona development of consituency – junior docs, medic and consultants
  • Establish communications strategy

Persona development

We carried out a series of workshops at Remedy to understand their constituency in more depth. Building on the Values survey they had commissioned, we worked with them to create three key personas.

Membership organisations

Together we explored what it meant to be an organisation with members.

Communications strategy

Presentation & recommendations

Values-22 Persona-37 Wires-88 Scenarios-117 Engagement messages-130

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