Modern Poetry in Translation

Dream jobs don’t come along that frequently. Here’s one that did.

The first edition of MPT was designed by esteemed British designer Richard Hollis so it was an honour to walk in his footsteps, albeit digitally. Peter had me lined up for this typographic led project celebrating 50 years of this publication.

Service the work, service the work

This project was all about the poems. The reading of them.
Maintaining the layout and intended visual rhythms as set by the author.
Paying homage to the shapes and negative shapes set into the page by the type, the line length, the line heights.

Focus on reading. Remove distractions. Provide links to further reading only when appropriate.

Swiss design

The first issue of MPT was conceived and printed very quickly and the cover of the first issue is significantly different to that which came after it. Most noteably the ident which was developed for the second issue, using a Swiss-style sans-serif typeface – Akzidenz Standard Medium (as far as I could tell) in combination with Times New Roman set at 112% line height.

The designer employed a fixed measure indent of 20mm for headlines and leading paragraphs. I wondered if he had set it in millimeters and centrimetres as opposed to inches as there does not seem to be a constant ratio referred to. Margins and gutters are based on multiples of 8mm.

I could go on….

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