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The MagicStudio platform brings together Key Stage 1- 5 teachers and students to create and share interactive learning packages using high quality, curriculum specific content from partners including The Bridgeman Art Library and Dorling Kindersley.

The studio: building an interactive image…

Users create content to be shared between other platform users for further customisation.

At the heart of MagicStudio is the studio where users create high quality interactive content – timelines, maps, slideshows, images and diagrams.

Navigating the platform

some time later…

Simplifying the UI

Following user testing within schools and some time into production, I reviewed the build process to iron out some of the points of friction in the interactions. The video below proposes a different way to create interactive content using a canvas and palette metaphor.

UI redesign presentation

In the video, you hear myself and my colleague and friend Chris Marsh describing the proposed changes. A great double-act!

Other projects

Huguenot Museum

Huguenot Museum

Responsive website and iPad visitor app for a new museum in Kent.



Map illegal animal trading across the globe. Trademapper in an interactive mapping tool to visualise trade data developed by TRAFFIC.

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

The writer’s platform