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Birmingham Hippodrome

This is some early UI research work for a single, table-sized touch screen tablet (48″), which can be used by multiple people simultaneously. The table was for installation in the Foyer of the Birmingham Hippodrome and would allow visitors to explore the theatre’s huge archive of material.


To help understand the human dimensions of this huge touch table, I made a full size mock up.

Initial responses

  • Surface lots of content by flattening and exposing it – show topics and themes in the same way as other artefacts
  • The display area is smaller than the artefact canvas area – there are hidden delights
  • Instant and simple engagement
  • Playful
  • Fluid
  • Tap, drag, pinch, rotate
  • A 7×13 grid if a comfortable grid for access by 4-5 people simultaneously.

And here are two smashing videos documenting my initial thoughts.

Interaction styles

  • Each item in the grid holds a stack of artifacts or themes – periodically rotate content if not tapped
  • Single tap – open item
  • Drag item – fluid move to new position
  • Swipe item – next card in stack
  • Two finger rezise – resize/rotate

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