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Out of the box WordPress rocks but you can make it rock much harder with custom themes which allow you to create amazing sites.

One of the biggest benefits to using WordPress as a CMS is the excellent administration interface.
Having used many CMSs over the years I started using WordPress as a content management system because it offered a consistent and not too daunting user interface to my clients.

WordPress can tackle the most ambitious of projects.

Unique themes

The clever WordPress template themeing engine allows designers to craft and customise every aspect of the website. You don’t even have to have a blog.
With custom themes, not only can you style the front-end of your website, but you can also streamline the admin interface too, allowing you to control the visibility and placement of interface elements. I’ve found that the admin interface is very user friendly and most non-technical people get to grips with it pretty quickly.

Content management

If you want better ways to organise your content and advanced control of your meta data then you can also create your own content types with their own taxonomies – pretty useful if you have complex needs. Create your own post types, taxonomiesactions, filters and take control of your site.

WordPress is my CMS of choice. This website runs on WordPress.

There’s a plug-in for that

What isn’t already built-in is usually available in some form as a plug-in or you can write your own plugins and modifications to achieve just about anything.

With a huge user base and developer community behind it, answers to your questions are readily available.

Made with WordPress

Here are some recent sites built with WordPress.

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