Competitor design review & analysis

When you are designing your new website or mobile app, you need to build up market insight. One tool for doing this is the competitor review.

By exploring areas pertinent to your business, a competitor review can  quickly reveal opportunities and threats to your approach

  • Does your product include all the features your audience expects?
  • What is your unique feature?
  • What is your competitors’ approach to X?
  • What do they do better?
  • How could you improve Y?

It’s busy out there, so you need all the tools you can to help carve out your niche – a competitor analysis is going to help – a lot.

Sample competitor design review

The competitor review shown above was for a client in the online auction space. Reviewing four popular auction websites helped identify opportunities in this marketplace. Analysis of business model, pricing strategy, sign up process, bidding process and the customer support model helped identify strengths and weaknesses in the competition.

How to set up a competitor design review

Don’ make a massive document no-one is going to read – focus on how the competition distinguish and position themselves. Get yourself a spreadsheet, fill in your criteria and build up your knowledge.

  1. Identify competitors
  2. Define criteria / features to compare
  3. Conduct audit
  4. Analyse results

Please get in touch if you’d like me to conduct a competitor review for you.